Rebby Sutherland grew up in a small town right outside Philadelphia called Wyomissing, PA. From a very young age she was familiar with using one-on-one communication to create personal relationships, as Wyomissing has a tight-knit, everyone knows everyone, feel. Rebby has since then been able to use these skills throughout all of her endeavors, which has allowed to her to grow significantly.

In 2001, Rebby moved to Atlanta, GA to attend Emory University. Rebby always knew how to keep herself productive throughout school. She double-majored in Economics and Psychology, played Varsity Tennis as a student athlete, and was a member of Alpha Delta Pi sorority. As Rebby excelled both inside and outside of the classroom, she knew it was time for her to gain real world experience if she wanted to reach her future goals. She was ready to take on a new challenge.

During Rebby’s last semester at Emory, she accepted a part-time position representing Bellsouth. She absolutely loved the personal relationships she was able to create and the upbeat environment she was able to surround herself with. Rebby excelled in the role as she was able to grow and build relationships with clients and coworkers on a daily basis.

A year and a half later, Rebby was responsible for training 35 highly productive sales representatives. This opened up a whole new door of opportunities for Rebby to grow. In November 2006, Rebby opened an outsourced sales and marketing company in St. Louis, MO, representing AT&T. She did not go alone, as 11 people she trained followed her on her journey as well.

In November 2009, Rebby was able to launch a new campaign and open the 5 North Inc office in New York. Rebby’s hard work and dedication have allowed her to set out new goals as she was able to surpass any expectations she had out for herself. Starting with one office with 11 people, and growing to numerous offices with over 400 people, Rebby is not finished yet.

With all the Rebby Sutherland has accomplished over the last few years, she looks forward to a bright future with bigger goals. She remains motivated knowing that she can help those who have potential to grow like she did. As her life and career progress, Rebby is excited to develop as a company to breed more successful entrepreneurs and provide clients with the right results.