How Great Leaders Make an Impact

make an impact rebby sutherland

Type in “leadership” on your Google search bar and you’ll immediately get a plethora of articles listing 10+ traits that you need to be a leader. Yes, you will find articles like this on my website as well. But, simply, a leader is someone that inspires. Inspires some sort of movement or action. You cannot be a leader of something static, there’s no where to lead it to. To be a leader, you need to be leading something to someone. You need to make an impact.

How do you make an impact?
1. Have core values and stick to them
2. Innovate
3. Share the wealth and give people the opportunity to move up

Have you ever wanted to follow a person that showed no values or passion for something? People trust other people that have strong values and beliefs. It is hard to trust someone that is inconsistent with their decision making and their behavior. So learn what your core values are. An easy way to do this is to think about situations when you get really angry, whatever that person did to you, that’s a core value that they stepped on.

Nothing else matters in leadership other than the examples that we set. This doesn’t only apply to exemplifying your core values, but also with being innovative. Business decisions aren’t always black or white, in the grey area we need to get creative. This is when your team looks to you for guidance and you have to be willing to try new things, get creative, and move in a direction that might be different from everyone else. In turn, you will inspire your team or follow-ship to do the same.

Lastly, no one is a leader without a team. So be fair with your team. Provide them with opportunity. An impactful leader is one that inspires greatness in other people, we can’t do this by limiting those people. Not only is providing opportunity the fair thing to do, it is also extremely motivating and empowering. Don’t you want to be surrounded by motivated people? This will make a world of a difference in any business, any industry, and any endeavor.

Inspire, innovate, empower, and make your mark.


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