7 Rules for Success from Steve Jobs’ Career

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Here at 5 North Inc., we believe in the mantra of building individuals with an entrepreneurial mindset. Someone who strives to beat the odds of all the challenges they face. We encourage people to standout by learning and growing from their experiences, which allows us to build a stronger team and business.

Steve Jobs, the man behind the Apple empire, has been a leader among entrepreneurs everywhere and an excellent example of a great entrepreneurial mentality. Entrepreneur Magazine shares the 7 Rules of Success as interpreted from Steve Job’s career, life and values.

  1. Do what you love. Jobs once said, “People with passion can change the world for the better.” He is completely right. Building a business is hard work. You need to be so passionate about what you’re doing that no one will change your mind.
  2. Put a dent in the universe. Have a vision and don’t lose sight of it. Don’t settle.
  3. Make connections. Jobs once said creativity is connecting things. It is connecting things from different fields that you wouldn’t think are related. So expose yourself to as many different things as you can—cultures, topics, people, hobbies, everything.
  4. Say no to 1,000 things. If you are average of everything you are doing you will get average results. Pick a couple and become the master of them.
  5. Create insanely different experiences. The idea of branding is to create an emotional connection between the brand and the customer. Set yourself apart from the other companies by giving them a unique experience.
  6. Master the message. You can’t make a second first impression. The same thing goes for your ideas. You need to introduce them and deliver them correctly. Become a master at communicating you message.
  7. Sell dreams, not products. It’s great if you think your product has a great function, but how is it changing lives? Understand what your customers are dreaming of and deliver that dream.

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Let’s apply these rules to our careers today, and in turn find our “inner Steve Jobs”.


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