Success is a Habit: Be Intentional (Time Management)

Success is a Habit: Be Intentional

This next one is tricky. It’s an easy habit to lose track of. One habit that has a huge impact on how successful you are is being intentional with your time. We all have the same amount of time in our day as Beyonce and the President. But they seem to get a lot more done. Why? Because every moment of their day has a purpose and they are doing things with intention.

What does it mean to be intentional? Think about showing up to the office. Some days you show up and you might not want to be there and you don’t feel like doing anything on your schedule. But you are there anyway, so you might as well get your work done. Being there and not doing what you need to do is a complete waste of time.

A lot of people would solve this by just keeping busy during this time. By doing something that would just fill the time. But this is not being intentional with your time. If I want to tone my arms and select to go running every morning, I am not being intentional with my time. If you want a promotion but sit at your desk sorting through unimportant emails all day, you are not being intentional with your time.

How do we make sure we are being intentional with our time? Follow these steps:

  1. Decide what you’re working toward and what needs to get done for you to get there. The first part of being intentional is to figure out the intent. It’s okay to have several goals.
  2. Look at your schedule, ask yourself, “is this something that will help me get closer to my goal?”
  3. Once you have taken out anything on your schedule that doesn’t belong there, ask yourself, “what can I consolidate to save time?” Example: I need to touch base on a call with the director of another location every week, and I have to drive 30+ minutes to work. Schedule the call with the director while you’re driving to work. You just got one thing out of the way. (Please use headphones or talk on speakerphone.)
  4. Stick to your schedule and eliminate distractions. Collecting all of the coins in your Subway Surfers game isn’t going to help you finish your project.

Action item this week: Remember productivity vs. activity. You want to be doing things that will bring you the results that you want, not things to just keep you busy.


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