Success is a Habit: Be Prepared

Success is a Habit: Be prepared

We’ve all heard it before, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Yet, so many times we approach our day or week with no preparation.

Why should we always be prepared? Being prepared sets the pace for the entire day – it eliminates stress, protects your attitude, and allows you to present your best self. Every minute that you spend preparing eliminates a couple minutes in execution. This difference in the small details gives you the slight edge against your competitors.

How do we prepare? There’s a few things you can do to make sure you’re always prepared:

  1. Plan your week on Sunday. This gives you time to schedule in your most important meetings and personal things you need to get done.
  2. Pick your outfits and prepare as much as you can the night before. Let’s say you’re going to work out in the morning, leave your water bottle and work out clothes out so you can be out the door quicker.
  3. Be prepared for other people. If you have a team that you work with, you know that they need from you. Be ready to handle it.
  4. Plan for the unexpected. Set time in your schedule to handle last minute things that come up.
  5. Always prepare for the “just in case” situation. Keep an umbrella in your car or at the office, bring some snacks in case you don’t get to have lunch at the time that you planned, carry a little cash in your wallet in case your card stops working. These little things can usually change the course of our day if it’s not something we’re prepared for.

Your action item this week is to stay consistently prepared so that you don’t have to spend time later getting prepared. Plan as much of your week as you can. Do as much as you can ahead of time. And always think of the “just in case”. We never know how the day might surprise us.


The ‘Success is a Habit’ series is a thoroughly explained list of the habits that have allowed me achieve my goals and become an effective leader. These are habits I apply to my life on a daily basis to continue growing my business and expanding my skill set. Check in weekly to learn about the other habits that have driven me to success.  

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