Success is a Habit: Be on Time

Success is a Habit: Be on Time

Being on time. A habit that require no skill, no talent, yet is so hard for so many. We all like to sleep a little extra in the mornings or take a little extra time perfecting our outfit or making a yummy breakfast. Usually being a few minutes late to something is easily forgiven and no grudges are held. But, these little few minutes add up and can affect your results and your relationships in huge ways.

Why should we be on time? In the business world, being on time shows professionalism and follow through. It shows that you respect your position; and, if that position is one of leadership, it sets a great example for those on your team. Whether in or out of the workforce, we all have people relying on us. Being on time shows that we are respectful of their time, we value their position or role in our lives, and it shows them we are available for them. In both personal and professional relationships, making someone feel like you are available if they need something goes a long way – even if they never end up needing your time.

So, how do we make sure we’ll be on time? Here are a few tips:

  1. Have a routine. Know how long it takes you to do. Then start earlier than the amount of time you thing you need.
  2. Set an alarm. Or three. Not just for waking up. But you can set reminders on your phone or email for meetings and calls.
  3. Expect issues to occur. Plan time in your schedule to deal with things that pop up, because we all know things will come up last minute.
  4. Prepare for things ahead of time. Either pick out your outfit or set aside the ingredients for your breakfast at night. Or plan your presentation or a conversation before hand.
  5. Write scheduled meetings or plans down. So you don’t forget when people are expecting you.

Showing people that you are respectful of their time, and value yours, will have a huge impact on your relationships. Better relationships will lead to better results.

So, your action item this week: Pay attention to the things that are making you late. Add them to your schedule and if possible, prepare for them before hand.


The ‘Success is a Habit’ series is a thoroughly explained list of the habits that have allowed me achieve my goals and become an effective leader. These are habits I apply to my life on a daily basis to continue growing my business and expanding my skill set. Check in weekly to learn about the other habits that have driven me to success.  

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