Succes is a Habit: Positive Mentality

Success is a Habit: Positive Mentality

We’re launching this series with what is, by far, the most important habit anyone that is or wants to be successful must have – a positive mentality. Your mentality determines the entire course of your day. Your attitude controls your day, so if you cannot control your attitude then your day controls you. There is no way to be successful without having control of our day.

Why is a positive mentality so essential? Simply, a winning mentality attracts great people. Anyone that wants to be in a position of success needs to learn to be a great leader and surround themselves with the right people. No one that is sharp, smart or ambitious wants to follow a negative person. Gandhi once said, “a man is a product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes.” With that said, a negative outlook will surely lead to negative results. A positive attitude, even when not yielding the results that you were looking for, will allow you to learn from your experience and continue to success. As a leader, being able to maintain a positive mentality allows you to be composed and collected in difficult and sudden situations, and therefore more trustworthy.

Now, how do we maintain a positive mentality everyday? In order to maintain a positive mentality you want to do one thing: focus on the things you can control. Don’t waste time and energy stressing over things that you cannot control. You cannot control the weather, other people, or a sudden illness. You can control how you react, strategic planning, learning the proper skills for the task at hand. Once you focus on the things you can control, you will not feel overwhelmed and will be able to maintain a positive mentality. That is not to say the day won’t be difficult or tiring, but you will be able to be efficient and productive instead of just feeling helpless and being a “Debbie Downer”. You will be in control of your day, and in control of your mentality and outlook.

Whenever you encounter a problem, teach yourself to think of the solution instead of focusing on what the problem is. It is completely possible to maintain a positive mentality throughout your day. This is step one toward success.

And so, your action item for this week is to focus on the things you can control.


The ‘Success is a Habit’ series is a thoroughly explained list of the habits that have allowed me achieve my goals and become an effective leader. These are habits I apply to my life on a daily basis to continue growing my business and expanding my skill set. Check in weekly to learn about the other habits that have driven me to success.  

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