Success is a Habit: Series Intro

Over and over again I bump into list upon list of all these qualities that make people successful, habits that successful people have in common, or the morning routines of the rich…I think you catch my drift. But I think rather than just know what the people we consider successful do on a daily basis, we need to understand why and how they do it. By understanding why and how, we can then effectively make these habits our own to actually fit our schedule and help us work toward our goals.

Throughout my career and my own climb to success, I’ve learned and developed habits that directly correlate with the results I get from my day. These are habits that I apply daily to my life in order to have the absolutely most productive day possible every day. We’ve all heard by now that Beyonce and Obama have the same 24 hours in the day that we do, so we should be able to accomplish just as much, right? I want to share with you what I’ve learned so far so that we can all be as productive and impactful as Queen Bey and the President of the United States–although maybe not as famous.

It’s not accidental that this series begins right in time for all the new year resolutions that are about to start popping up on your Facebook feed along with all the “New Year, New Me” quotes. But besides vocalizing what our dreams are for the year or what changes we’re going to make, we need to create action items to actually follow through. This is where I hope this series can help you. Stay tuned on Mondays for my “Success is a Habit Series.”


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