“12 Habits That Set Ultra Successful People Apart”

There’s no question that there is something successful people do differently from the average person to achieve the results that they do. The question is, what is it that they’re doing differently?

In an article for Forbes, Travis Bradberry talks about the qualities that highly successful people have shown to have in common. Bradberry emphasizes one quality in particular – emotional intelligence – and how important it is in order to achieve your dreams.

My business, and probably most businesses, is based entirely around people. The relationships that I build with our clients and our employees is vital to our success. One of my favorite quotes is, “people won’t remember what you say, they won’t remember what you do, but they always remember how you make them feel.” Emotional intelligence is essential to building relationships and being a leader.

Bradberry also covers other qualities that successful people show to have in common. While there have been countless lists put together about qualities (or habits, skills, characteristics, etc)  that all successful people seem to have, Bradberry’s list of 12 skills is one that I definitely agree with. Read Bradberry’s full article here. 

Bradberry’s 12 Habits of Ultra Successful People:

  1. Composure – Reacting to a situation when everyone is watching can be tricky. A leader must learn to react with self-control and positivity.
  2. Knowledgeability – Constant development is extremely important to achieve success. Successful people are always asking questions and learning from their experiences.
  3. Deliberate Decision-making – Being able to think logically through a decision instead of making an impulsive decision makes a huge difference to the end result.
  4. Speaking with Certainty – When I’m training I call these “doubt words”: “Um”, “I think”, “Basically”. Successful people don’t use doubt in their speech – they speak with conviction so they will be listened to.
  5. Positive Body Language – Using positive body language draws people in during conversation and opens them up to your ideas. “How you say something can be more important that what you say.”
  6. Strong First Impressions – This is when people decide if they like you, make sure to use positive body language to make a good and lasting first impression.
  7. Seeking Small Victories – Setting smaller goals and acheiving them keeps you motivated to tackle the bigger goals.
  8. Fearlessness – “Danger is real…fear is a choice.” Overcoming fears and acheiving your goals will make you feel great and extremely confident. Get fear out of your head.
  9. Gracefulness – I consider this one to be one of the most important qualities for emotional intelligence. People want to be around other people that are easy to talk to and get along with.
  10. Honesty – This one goes without an explanation. Integrity is essential to building quality and long lasting relationships.
  11. Gratefulness – Successful people have a network or mentors and advisors that have guided them through their journey to success. They don’t forget those people and the support they have provided.
  12. Appreciation – Appreciating the things you already have and the people around you allows you to keep a positive mentality.

Try applying these to your daily routine to see where they take you. Make sure to check back in to see some of my other thoughts on business and leadership.

Read Bradberry’s full article here. 


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