Important Behaviors to Value in Your Team Members

Since the moment I opened my business, the most important part of it has been the people that make up my team. As a business owner, the people that work in your company can either make you or break you. It is important to be able to recognize the characteristic that make a great employee, team member and leader.

Through my experience, I’ve learned what to look for in the people that I make a part of my team. I’ve learned how to recognize the leaders that will help me take my business to the next level. I call these “Behaviors We Value”. They are behaviors I encourage all my employees to have. Here are some of the behaviors to value:

  1. Reliability and Consistency – You need someone that you can handle responsibility. If you want someone to grow with you company, they will need to be able to handle more and more responsibility and still deliver consistent results.
  2. Professionalism – The word professionalism can be used to describe anything from appearance to behavior. In this case, we want it to apply to everything. The people are you employ are a representation of your company, and you want them to represent you the best way possible no matter who they’re interacting with.
  3. Development of Our People – This one is huge but usually goes underrated. The most important characteristic of someone that is a team player is that they are willing to help the rest of the team. This includes sharing and transferring knowledge and helping other people grow. When your people are learning and growing, your company is growing.
  4. Integrity – I don’t think this one needs an explanaition. How can you trust someone without it?
  5. Open Communication and Candid Discussion – A leader is someone that can clearly express his or her vision to the team and is open to discussing it. Being able to explain the “why’s” is a necessary skill for a strong leader.
  6. Change and Innovation – Change is a difficult thing for anyone to deal with, but it is inevitable. Having a team that is able to, not only thrive in it, but be the force behind change and innovation in your company will lead to continuous growth.
  7. Respect – Like integrity, this one needs no explanation. To be a positive contribution to an environtment, one must have respect for everything and everyone in that environment.
  8. Collaboration – “A team is nothing without teamwork.” Being able to collaborate with others is essential to be a good team member.
  9. Execution – “Vision without action is only a dream…”. It’s great to have a tam of creative and innovative thinkers, of great communicators, and excellent teachers; but if no one is taking action on the ideas (if no one is willing to do the dirty work) then they remain just that, ideas.

Rebby Sutherland is a successful entrepreneur and leader currently running a private sales company in New York City. Learn more about Rebby and what she does on a day to day by following her:

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